About Us

DRS offers a number of supporting disciplines designed to supplement our client’s needs – from full PMC contract teams to negotiated short-term freelance staff secondment.

Project managers, project engineers and supervisory staff work closely with our clients offering experienced assistance, or can be appointed as our client’s authorised representative onsite helping to ensure effective management and successful delivery of the project.

Some of the key areas of project support include:

  • Vessel and key plant inspections and suitability assessments
  • Vessel productivity levels and production modelling
  • Assistance with project design and optimisation studies
  • Cost evaluation including scheduling assessment
  • Onsite project management, supervision and independent third party project observers
  • Assistance in tendering, including tender evaluation
  • Project planning and scheduling evaluation
  • Market evaluation and project development
  • Project training and report conception
  • Budget planning and contractor suitability
  • Contract supervision and measurement of works
  • Project reporting.

In addition, alliance partnering allows additional specialised support including:

  • Bathymetry
  • Sediment dispersion studies and modelling
  • Water quality monitoring
  • Port and channel navigation design
  • Reclamation engineering
  • Environmental assessment including beneficial re-use
  • Environmental Management Plans (EMP)
  • Dredge Management Plans (DMP)
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